Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Canadian Media Fund read ~100 pages about Sceneing

And here, I'm told, you won't read more than a paragraph or two! That's my excuse for not publishing more *here* about the ins and outs of what we've done to conceptualize our new web and mobile platform.  Sceneverse.  We want to make it so you can more powerfully discover and participate in the Scenes of the grass roots cultures or tribes that are most important in your life. We know you have at least one! Follow those drums... :)

I have been a terrible blogger since I began, posting irregularly, and beating on the same civil rights drum again and again when I am supposed to be talking about all the lovely discoveries we've made on the road to building the Sceneverse.

There have been many discoveries in the last year of design efforts. You technology people who call yourselves web experts: read until you grok Kynetx and FluidInfo. Besides being mind-blowingly revolutionary, you won't be surprised to find I like them also because they both have great potential for us all to gain lost ground in personal privacy on the net. I think Doc Searls approves. He's just not talking to me.

We are very grateful to the Canadian Media Fund for approving our request for financing by its Experimental Stream. I get now to work with my punk-loving partner to make Sceneverse real as quickly as humanly possible, starting with the scene he's identified with since he was a teen more than a few years ago: The Punk Scene.

Just a personal comment and, no offence Neil and Cheryl, but what a terrible bunch of people to design for. I listened to Lightfoot and Cohen in 1978 - that's real music - and I still do.  If we make these anarchic non-conformists happy, we may all be in for a Second Coming. Bloody hell.  I digress. I am looking forward to this!

People with no sense of irony can sod off.

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